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The End

It's often said that nothing can last forever. And it's certainly true here.

When I joined this game over four years ago, I did not anticipate the vast history I would be becoming part of, nor that I would be closing the book on that history myself. As of today, Paradisa is a game that is 9 years old, with a combined total of 63,473 posts and countless numbers of characters and players. Over this time, Paradisa has been host to epic journeys, great battles, horrific nightmares, enduring friendships and romances, complete absurdity. The very fabric of this game has been written in the idea of loss and what people can do to overcome it, but also in the idea of endless possibilities. I'd like to thank each and every person who has been a part of this game, and especially to the mods and helpers who have helped shape the rich history and lore these stories have been built on.

Just because the game is ending doesn't mean these stories will end. The tales of the past will endure in the hearts of the people who wrote them, just as the story of the castle will continue, whether or not anyone is actually around to write it.

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Thank you for everything you did to rejuvenating the game. It's sad that it wasn't enough. I'll leave this place with a heavy heart and lots of good memories. I may not have been here long but I've truly enjoyed it.